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 We're Jeni Chappelle and Melissa Koberlein. We're on a mission to explore the world of publishing with some amazing women.

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Indie Chicks Season 3 podcast for websit

EPISODE 01- Meet the Indie Chicks

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

In our first podcast episode, Lisa and I are on location at the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA. Listen in...Episode 1- Meet the Indie Chicks

Lisa and Melissa Take the Morovian!

This episode is dedicated to introducing ourselves, some background on why we started the Indie Chicks podcast, including how we met, the format for upcoming podcasts, and an indie publishing Tip of the Week.

First up, I introduced the Moravian Book Shop, which is the oldest continuously-running bookstore in the world. According to their website and cool sign as seen above, the bookstore was established in 1745. USA Today reported in 2000 that after the longest continuously-running bookstore in the world closed, the Moravian Book Shop now held that title. You can check out their website for more details. While there, we met some cool associates working at the bookstore. They were very accommodating in allowing us to podcast from their store. In fact, you can even here some footfalls during the podcast as someone browses books around us.

Next, Lisa and I dished about how we met. It was very surreal to talk about how we took a shine

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to one another. Kismet. We met at the Tucson Festival of Books in 2017, and, in 2018, we shared a booth to sell our books and presented together at the festival. We talked with other indie authors and/or aspiring authors about publishing. We had a great time speaking together, and the audience was incredible! Shout out to everyone who attended, you're the best!

Lisa and I also discussed the format for upcoming podcasts. Listeners can expect two seasons per year, running weekly from May-July and November-January. We will offer publishing advice, Indie book reviews, and a Tip of the week.

We ended the episode with a Tip of the Week from Lisa. She had distribution on her mind! What is distribution? Sharing your book, of course! One of the best places to share your book is with local bookstores. She talked about the importance of making a good impression when approaching a bookstore manager and I added some tidbits about how you can get your book onto a shelf at a Barnes and Noble store too! Here's a great article by Jane Friedman- How to Get Your Book Distributed: What Self-Published Authors Need to Know.

Lastly, as part of our mission, we encouraged our listeners to review indie authors. We are a community of entrepreneurs, and we want to support our fellow authors.


Indie Chicks out!

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