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Save your sanity. Get Self-Publishing help from the Indie Chicks.

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Can a builder construct a new house without his tool box??




Every builder needs a hammer and nails...just like every new author learning how to publish needs the right services to get started!


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of self-publishing?

Or maybe you’re not sure if it’s right for you?

We can help.

We are pleased to provide independent authors with the tools and services they need to accomplish their publishing goals. These services are all meant to help you publish your book today, as well as all the books you plan on publishing in the future.


That's because our services aim to teach indie authors how to publish their books themselves...without the guidance of a overly priced coach or a free eBook that raises more questions than it answers. 

Whether you have a completed manuscript, want to freshen up your previously published novel, or are in the idea stage of writing, we’ve got you covered! 

Everyone has a publishing dream. We can help you achieve yours. 


- Lisa & Melissa

PS - If you have any questions about any of the services listed above, send us an email! 

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